How LeafGuard Works

We want to show you how LeafGuard works, and why it is the best, complete gutter system for your home, building or business ...


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"I had Leaf Guard Delmarva installed this summer 2012; Now that I have seen it in action, I wish I had done it much sooner!"

Diane from Centreville, Maryland,

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LeafGuard Brand by Englert is the original and only one-piece gutter system, with a built-in hood that covers the gutter bottom and deflects leaves and other debris.


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What do LeafGuard Brand gutters cost?

LeafGuard Gutters are extremely affordable and are a valuable investment in the safety of your home. Contact us for a free, no obligation estimate at 1-302-337-3139.

What is the Englert LeafGuard Guarantee?

The Englert LeafGuard gutter system is guaranteed not to clog with leaves, pine needles, or other organic debris as long as you own your home or we will clean or repair it for free.


How LeafGuard Works

  • Advantages of the LeafGuard Gutter Design

  • One-Piece Seamless Construction with Unique Hood Covered Trough

  • Will Not Clog, Maintenance Free

  • One-Day Installation

  • Heavy Duty Aluminum

  • Most Advanced Gutter Design in 40 Years

  • Attractive; Blends In With Home Design, Wide Range of Colors

  • Saves You Time, Money, & Aggravation

  • Limited Clog-Free Warranty

Get the leaves before they get you -- with LeafGuard

Removing the leaves and pine straw from gutters is a year-round problem, especially in the Delmarva area. In addition to the mess and aggravation, gutter cleaning can be potentially hazardous.

Don Austin, owner of LeafGuard of Delmarva, explains, "Each year homeowners get many scrapes, bumps, bruises, broken bones and worse while attempting to clean their gutters. No one ever thinks they will be the one who falls off the roof or ladder while cleaning their gutter." "So they say -- let's hire someone to do it for us."

"This can be expensive and we sometimes forget about the liability risk we face when someone else cleans our gutter. Are they insured? Will homeowners insurance cover it?"

Suppose you could have a gutter that would never have to be cleaned out -- guaranteed! Imagine that.

LeafGuard of Delmarva recommends LeafGuard Gutter Systems, the only one-piece seamless leaf and pine straw shedding gutter system available anywhere.

Consider the purpose of an ordinary gutter. A gutter should channel rainwater runoff from a roof and direct it to downspouts away from the foundation of the house. Such a gutter works only if it is kept clog-free and clear of leaves and pine straw. As soon as it becomes clogged, water will spill over or, worse yet, get behind the gutter and possibly damage your wood fascia board behind the gutter. Up to now there has not been an effective solution for this problem.

LeafGuard is a one-piece seamless aluminum gutter and hood, which sheds leaves, pine straw and other debris. There is no more expense or risk in having gutters unclogged.

LeafGuard works like this: As water flows off the roof, surface adhesion makes the water "stick" and roll over the radius hood into the gutter. Water goes into the gutter but leaves, pine straw, and other debris shed off and fall to the ground.

The more water flowing down the roof, the better surface adhesion. In fact, LeafGuard has been successfully tested in simulated rainfall up to 21 inches of rainfall per hour.

Unlike other "add-on" gutter cover devices which look bulky and unattractive and must be slid under roof shingles and fastened, LeafGuard attaches directly to the fascia trim board of the house and won't damage your roof shingles.

Besides eliminating the need to clean out your gutters, LeafGuard is more attractive than regular gutters. In fact, some homeowners comment that LeafGuard looks more like decorative molding than a gutter.How LeafGuard Works

LeafGuard's Secret Is Its Patented Design

Enjoy clog-free gutters with LeafGuard Brand Gutters by Englert. LeafGuard gutter protection system deflects leaves, twigs, pine needles and other debris from your gutters, allowing rainwater to flow freely into the gutter bottom and through the downspouts, which are 30% larger than ordinary downspouts.

The Englert LeafGuard gutter system works on the scientific principle of Liquid Adhesion. The gutter’s patented design allows rainwater to travel down and around its curved hood and into the gutter, while deflecting leaves and debris. The gutter cover is not an add-on, but an integral part of the gutter itself.

From one continuous piece of aluminum, that is 20% heavier than ordinary gutters, a LeafGuard Brand gutter is shaped into a seamless gutter bottom and hood. This makes a LeafGuard Brand gutter unique in the marketplace as the only, one-piece, seamless gutter system made today.





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Cape Cod Style

A Cape Cod style home with white LeafGuard gutters installed by LeafGuard of Delmarva....

Older Cape Cod

A Cape Cod style home with white LeafGuard gutters installed by LeafGuard of Delmarva....

Standard Two-Story

A Standard Two-Story style home with white LeafGuard gutters installed by LeafGuard of Delmarva....


A Ranch style home with white LeafGuard gutters installed by LeafGuard of Delmarva....

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